"The Best 200 Financial Advisers"

October 1996 - Worth Magazine

KEY: 1. Has clients in other states. 2. F, fee-only; F and C, fee and commission; F or C, fee or commission; F-O, fee-offset. 3. Figures in $100,000. 4. Amount required in investable assets..

Credentials: CFA, chartered financial analyst; CFP, certified financial planner; ChFC, chartered financial consultant; CLU, chartered life underwriter; CPA, certified public accountant; EA, enrolled agent; JD, law degree; MBA, master of business administration; ME, master’s in economics; MFP, master’s in financial planning; MFS, master’s in financial services; PFS, personal financial specialist; PhD or EdD, doctorate.


Name+City+Phone+Method of Compensation+Client net worth--high/low/avg/min3+Credentials+Special areas of expertise

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Sanford Axelroth Birmingham1 205-803-3333 F or C 80/1/5/0 ChFC, CFP Estate planning, business owners
Charles Haines Jr. Birmingham 205-871-3334 F 250/0/25/5 MBA, CFP Comprehensive planning, portfolio management
Robert Studin Birmingham1 205-803-3333 F or C 80/1/5/0 JD, CPA, PFS, CFP Estate planning, business owners
Stewart Welch III Birmingham 205-879-5001 F 65/0/14/0 CLU, ChFC, CFP Portfolio management
Stephen Barnes Phoenix 602-248-9099 F and C 40/2/5/.15 CFP Portfolio management
Thomas Connelly Phoenix1 800-678-5007 F 2,000/3/25/10 CFA, MBA, CFP Foreign nationals, portfolio management
Philip Johnson Phoenix 602-242-4000 F and C 60/2/5/1 CFP Portfolio management
Patricia Raskob Tucson 520-577-7736 F 30/0/10/0 CFP, EA Divorce settlements
John Thomas Blankinship Del Mar1 619-755-5166 F 110/1/14/0 ME, CFP Portfolio management, comprehensive planning
Percy Bolton Los Angeles 213-299-1595 F 2,000/1/10/0 CFP Asset management
Norman Boone San Francisco 415-788-1952 F or C 500/0/13/0 MBA, CFP Family businesses, charitable giving
Peggy Cabaniss Orinda 510-254-1023 F 68/1/8/1 CFP Comprehensive planning
Carl Camp Fullerton 714-738-0220 F 50/1/6/.54 CFP Portfolio management
Victoria Collins Irvine 714-476-0300 F 31/0/12/24 MBA, PhD, CFP Divorce, widows
Mary Dean San Diego 619-674-6937 F 70/0/10/0 MBA, CPA, PFS, CFP Portfolio management, insurance planning
Charles Foster II Del Mar1 619-755-5166 F 110/1/14/0 MBA, CFA, CFP Portfolio management, comprehensive planning
Neta Gagen Garden Grove 714-971-0663 F and C 35/1/10/0 CFP Retirement planning, portfolio management
Thomas Gau Torrance 310-324-8577 F and C 350/2/6/24 MBA, CFP Retirement distributions, estate planning
Henrietta Humphreys San Francisco 415-928-0401 F 65/2/16/3.54 CFP Portfolio management
Allan Jacobi Los Angeles 213-236-3663 F 500/10/50/10 JD Estate and retirement planning
Ulrich (Rick) Keller Irvine 714-476-0300 F 150/0/12/24 CFP Charitable planning, business owners
James King Walnut Creek 510-935-1555 F and C 46/1/8/1 MBA, CFP Portfolio management
Timothy Kochis San Francisco1 415-394-6668 F 250/6/25/0 JD, CFP Comprehensive planning, stock options
Judith Martindale San Luis Obispo 805-541-2343 F 60/0/3/0 CFP Middle-income people, divorce planning
Dean McGill Redwood City 415-593-9170 F and C 35/0/8/0 CFP Retirement and tax planning
Cynthia Meyers Sacramento 916-927-6487 F and C NA/NA/NA/NA MBA, CFP Comprehensive financial planning
Richard Moran Palos Verdes Est.1 310-373-0860 F and C 30/0/15/2.5 CFP Family-business owners, aerospace executives
Irwin Rothenberg Santa Rosa 707-542-3343 F 400/2/15/2.5 CPA, PFS Retirement, charitable giving
Jeff Saccacio Los Angeles1 213-356-6058 F 500/8/100/0 CPA, PFS, ChFC Comprehensive planning, planned giving
Richard Stone San Rafael1 415-456-8839 F-O 350/3/19/5 CLU, CFP Portfolio management
Laura Tarbox Newport Beach 714-721-2330 F 180/0/10/0 CFP Portfolio management, business owners
Robert Wacker San Luis Obispo 805-541-1308 F 64/1/10/0 EA, CFP Professionals, retirement
Margaret Wertheimer Mount Shasta 916-926-3165 F 12/0/5/0 CFP Portfolio management, planning for seriously ill
Violet Woodhouse Anaheim Hills 714-660-9215 F 40/1/8/1 JD, CFP Property settlements, family tax law
Glenn Woody Costa Mesa 714-850-0534 F 50/3/8/0 CFP Portfolio management
Dale Yahnke San Diego 619-554-0090 F 200/5/15/3 MBA, CFA, CFP Portfolio management, retirement planning
Craig Carnick Colorado Springs1 719-473-2200 F 150/4/50/0 CFP Business owners
Robert Hochstadt Denver 303-831-5000 F 200/3/15/0 CPA, PFS Comprehensive planning
Myra Salzer Boulder 303-444-1919 F 5,000/0/NA/10 CFP Inherited wealth
Jeffrey Schaefer Englewood 303-770-6700 F and C 25/1/5/1 CFP Portfolio management, tax planning
James Shambo Colorado Springs 719-574-0100 F 250/0/3/0 CPA, PFS Business owners, asset allocation
Judith Shine Englewood 303-740-8600 F 60/3/8/.25 CFP Retirement portfolios
Robert Willard Colorado Springs 719-473-2200 F 20/5/20/0 MBA,CFP Business owners, comprehensive planning
Alan Weiss North Haven 203-495-7777 F and C 40/2/5/14 PFS, CFP Charitable giving
Judith Lau Wilmington 302-792-5955 F 150/8/30/15 CFP Inheritance, professionals
Vincent Schiavi Wilmington 302-656-4472 F 70/3/17/0 CPA, PFS, CFP Inheritance, pension distributions
Alexandra Armstrong Washington 202-887-8135 F and C 100/5/114/54 CFP Widows, retirement planning
Adam Goddard Washington 202-333-6200 F and C 200/1/7/1.5 CPA, PFS Foreign nationals
Dennis Gurtz Washington 202-364-3060 F and C 1,000/0/8/0 MBA, CFA, CPA, CFP Portfolio management
Harold Evensky Coral Gables1 305-448-8882 F 300/5/15/10 CFP Portfolio management
Deena Katz Coral Gables 305-448-8882 F 300/3/10/5 CFP Seniors and retirement
Robert Levitt Boca Raton 561-498-0905 F 100/5/15/0 MBA, CFA, CFP Portfolio management
Linda Lubitz Miami 305-670-0545 F and F-O 100/0/10/0 CFP Divorce, widows
John Prizer Orlando 407-422-0252 F 1,000/3/15/0 CFA, CFP Comprehensive planning
Frank Pugliese Coral Springs1 954-755-8647 F and C 150/15/38/10 -- Portfolio management
Margery Schiller Sarasota1 941-366-6380 F 80/0/8/0 CFP Estate, seniors, and retirement planning
Benjamin Tobias Pembroke Pines 954-435-9700 F 45/1/5/1 CPA, PFS, CFP Portfolio management
Franklin Butterfield Atlanta 404-264-1400 F 3,000/10/30/10 CPA, PFS, CFP Wealthy individuals, debt restructuring
Jack Harmon Atlanta1 404-892-1995 F and C 280/1/20/0 CFP Divorce planning
David Hendelberg Atlanta 404-262-7920 F 325/NA/6/0 CPA, PFS, CFP Estate and retirement planning, business owners
Hugh Hill Atlanta1 800-247-9087 F and C 400/0/7/0 MBA, CLU, ChFC, CFP Portfolio management, charitable trusts
David Homrich Atlanta 404-264-1400 F 3,000/10/30/10 CPA, CFP Wealthy individuals, debt management
Robert (Buzz) Law Atlanta1 770-913-9704 F-O 250/1/18/0 CFP Comprehensive planning
Lewis Walker Norcross 770-441-2603 F and F-O NA/5/13/0 MBA, CFP Estate planning, portfolio management
Mark Balasa Schaumburg 847-517-4300 F 60/2/10/0 CPA, CFP Retirement planning, portfolio management
Mark Bell Chicago 312-201-0991 F 170/1/15/0 MBA, CFP Portfolio management
Sidney Blum Deerfield 847-945-3344 F 40/3/10/0 CPA, PFS, ChFC, CFP Comprehensive planning
Gary Bowyer Chicago 312-631-8070 F 100/1/10/0 MBA, CFP Retirement planning, portfolio management
Elaine Collins Libertyville 847-680-3082 F and C 30/1/5/0 CFP Divorce planning
Michael Kabarec Palatine 847-934-7777 F 100/0/10/5 CPA, EA, CFP Retirement planning, portfolio management
Thomas Livergood Chicago 800-545-2831 F 7,500/5/150/0 MBA, CFP Executives in food and agribusiness
Gary Mandell Chicago1 312-348-8515 F-O 80/3/15/0 CPA, CLU, ChFC, CFP Retirement distributions
Carol Pankros Palatine 847-303-1220 F 32/2/5/0 CFP Retirement, asset management
Elaine Bedel Indianapolis 317-843-1358 F 150/2/9/0 MBA, CFP Divorce settlements
Richard Bellmer Indianapolis 317-574-3930 F 130/1/25/0 CLU, CFP Comprehensive planning
Gregory Galecki Fort Wayne1 219-436-8525 F 55/1/11/0 MBA, CFP Estate and retirement planning, business owners
Gary Pittsford Indianapolis1 317-849-9559 F 500/1/NA/1 CFP Business-succession planning
Grace Worley Indianapolis 317-875-0202 F and C 15/0/3/0 MBA, CFP Comprehensive planning
Jerry Foster W. Des Moines 515-226-9000 F 60/1/15/0 CFP Portfolio management
David Strege W. Des Moines 515-223-1601 F and C 75/1/8/1 CFA, CFP Charitable planning
Stewart Koesten Overland Park1 913-338-2727 F and C 30/0/5/0 MFS, CLU, ChFC, CFP Corporate executives, business owners
Kathleen Stepp Overland Park1 913-649-3311 F 45/0/7/0 CPA, CFP Thirty- and fortysomethings
D. Richard Moore Jr. Metairie1 504-838-9991 F 200/0/4/0 CPA, CFP Comprehensive planning
D. Randolph Waesche Metairie 504-833-5378 F 180/0/20/0 CFP Owners of closely held businesses
Steven Ames Annapolis1 410-280-2390 F 35/0/8/0 CFP Retirement planning, portfolio management
Lyle Benson Jr. Baltimore 410-494-6680 F 400/1/40/0 CPA, CFP Comprehensive planning
Timothy Chase Towson 410-337-7575 F 350/9/90/0 CPA, PFS, CLU, CFP Estate, retirement, and insurance planning
Kevin Condon Ellicott City1 410-750-1128 F 22/1/5/0 PhD, CFP Engineers and technical professionals
Peg Downey Silver Spring1 301-439-8687 F 50/0/5/0 CFP Women, unmarried couples, terminally ill
David Drucker Bethesda1 301-656-3999 F 30/NA/13/0 MBA, CFP Comprehensive planning
Mary Malgoire Bethesda1 301-656-3999 F 57/6/17/54 CFP Comprehensive planning
J. Michael Martin Columbia 410-715-9200 F 150/1/15/0 JD, CFP Retirement planning, portfolio management
Brian Meritt Baltimore1 410-296-4600 F 500/10/75/5 CPA Business-succession planning
L. Edward O’Hara Jr. Silver Spring 301-680-0840 F 80/0/4/0 CFP Comprehensive planning, retirement
Cynthia Coddington Cambridge1 617-225-3800 F 200/20/100/10 CPA, PFS, CFP Wealthy individuals
Herbert Daroff Quincy1 617-786-1600 F and C 250/20/50/20 JD, CFP Wealthy individuals
Beth Gamel Lexington 617-863-2200 F 380/10/80/30 CPA, PFS Sudden-wealth situations
Robert Glovsky Cambridge 617-547-5900 F 650/1/20/10 JD, CLU, ChFC, CFP Wealthy individuals
Susan Kaplan Wellesley1 617-237-4022 F or C NA/NA/NA/NA MBA, CFP Estate and retirement planning
Jane King Wellesley 617-431-1119 F 100/1/8/0 CFP Extended families
Sharon Rich Belmont 617-489-3601 F 150/0/2/0 EdD Women, inheritances
Daniel Boyce Southfield 810-948-7900 F and C 40/3/6/3 CFP Comprehensive planning
Douglas Buczak Birmingham 810-642-6880 F and C 35/2/5/.5 JD Comprehensive planning
Marilyn Capelli Dimitroff Bloomfield Hills1 810-338-3170 F 160/0/20/0 CFP Comprehensive planning, business owners
Richard Dirksen Southfield1 810-827-0250 F 1,000/0/10/.25 CPA, CFP Comprehensive planning
Bernard Kent Detroit 313-446-7380 F 5,000/0/50/0 JD, CPA, PFS Charitable giving
Minoti Rajput Southfield1 810-350-3400 F and C 80/2/10/0 MBA, CFP Families with disabled children
Bert Whitehead Franklin1 810-737-7090 F 40/0/5/0 JD, MBA Comprehensive planning, young professionals
Arnold Abens Edina 612-933-9650 F and C 100/1/10/0 -- Employee benefits
Robert Klosterman Minneapolis 612-542-8128 F-O 100/1/5/1 CLU, ChFC, CFP Portfolio management
Ross Levin Minneapolis1 612-928-9455 F and C 150/0/8/3 CFP Portfolio management
Jeffrey Buckner Chesterfield 314-878-3778 F 250/3/11/0 MBA, CFP Portfolio management
Katharine McGee Saint Louis 314-993-2700 F 200/2/NA/0 CFP Comprehensive planning
Wayne Starr Kansas City1 816-842-1935 F and F-O 240/0/6/0 MBA, CLU, ChFC, CFP Comprehensive planning, portfolio management
Ronald Carson Omaha1 402-697-5444 F and C 750/1/19/5 CFP Retirement, portfolio management
Vicki Schultz Reno1 702-828-1400 F 70/1/10/0 MBA, CFP Comprehensive planning, portfolio management
Roy Ballentine Wolfeboro1 603-569-1717 F 1,200/20/100/0 CLU, ChFC, CFP Business owners
Kathryn Bickford Stratham 603-772-5062 F-O 32/2/6/2 CFP Portfolio management, comprehensive planning
Brian Grodman Manchester 603-647-9999 F and C 250/1/4/1 MBA, CLU, ChFC, CFP Planned giving
Susan John Wolfeboro 603-569-1994 F 250/0/10/0 CFP Middle-income families, benefit distributions
David Bugen Morristown 201-539-2300 F and C 300/5/30/0 MBA, CFP Portfolio management
Patricia Feeney Medford1 609-654-1212 F 150/5/13/0 CFA, MFS, CFP Comprehensive planning, wealthy individuals
Pasquale (Pat) Hamel Florham Park1 201-822-3477 F 200/10/50/2.54 CPA Stock-option planning
Diahann Lassus New Providence1 908-464-0102 F 120/0/12/0 CPA, CFP Widows, business owners
Harry Scheyer Cherry Hill1 609-424-3318 F 30/5/10/2.5 CPA, CFP Portfolio management
Ronald Subber Annandale1 908-735-4000 F and C 82/5/25/0 CFP Charitable planning
Eleanore Szymanski Princeton 609-921-1016 F 50/0/NA/0 CFP Comprehensive planning
Irvin Diamond Albuquerque1 505-242-5271 F 900/5/40/0 CPA, PFS, CFP Business-succession planning
Joseph Kopczynski Albuquerque1 505-884-8884 F and C 112/2/8/0 ChFC, CFP Medical professionals
Virginia Stanley Albuquerque1 505-299-9625 F 220/2/10/0 CPA, PFS, CFP Comprehensive planning
Karen Altfest New York1 212-406-0850 F 250/0/15/2.5 PhD, CFP Women, widows, divorce
Lewis Altfest New York1 212-406-0850 F 250/0/15/2.5 MBA, PhD, CFA Physicians, business owners
Stanley Altmark New York 212-302-6300 F 400/2/20/0 CPA, PFS, CFP Comprehensive planning
Andrew Blackman New York1 212-768-0300 F 1,500/0/15/0 MBA, CPA, PFS, CFP Performing artists
Joel Isaacson New York 212-302-6300 F 400/2/20/0 MBA, CPA, PFS, CFP Comprehensive planning,business owners
David Kahn New York1 212-372-1303 F 350/2/30/0 MBA, CPA, PFS Comprehensive planning
Stuart Kessler New York1 212-372-1304 F 280/1/30/0 MBA, JD, CPA, PFS Family businesses, executives
Madeline Noveck New York1 212-355-1806 F and F-O 49/1/16/0 CFP Charitable giving, art ownership
Anthony Ogorek Buffalo 716-626-5000 F 45/3/9/2.5 EdD, CFP Portfolio management, divorce
Ronald Rogé Centereach 516-471-2786 F 100/2/10/0 CFP Small-business owners
Lee Rosenberg Valley Stream1 516-872-0077 F and C 5,500/1/10/0 CFP Retirement distribution
Ronald Rutherford New York1 212-303-5505 F 300/4/30/0 MBA, CFP Portfolio management
Darin Schnall New York 212-967-6155 F 60/5/8/5 MBA, CPA, PFS, CFP Outplaced executives
W. Barton Boyer Asheville1 704-255-0271 F 65/0/9/0 CFP Portfolio management
Larry Carroll Charlotte 704-553-8006 F and C 100/2/12/14 MBA, CFP Portfolio management
James Budros Columbus 614-481-6900 F 256/0/21/0 MBA, MFS, ChFC Comprehensive planning, portfolio management
Michael Chasnoff Cincinnati1 513-792-6648 F 100/4/8/0 CFP Estate and retirement planning, insurance
G. Mike Crawford Centerville 513-438-8000 F and C 15/0/5/0 CFP Comprehensive planning
David Foster Cincinnati 513-792-6640 F 500/1/10/0 CPA, CFP Comprehensive planning
Bruce Jentner Akron 330-668-1000 F and C 120/5/25/10 CFP Comprehensive planning, portfolio management
Kevin Myeroff Cleveland 216-473-1115 F and C 100/1/5/1 CPA, PFS, CFP Comprehensive planning
Peggy Ruhlin Columbus 614-481-6900 F 256/0/21/0 CPA, PFS, CFP Comprehensive planning, portfolio management
John Sestina Dublin1 614-798-1742 F 210/1/15/1 MFS, ChFC, CFP Comprehensive planning
Karen Spero Cleveland 216-464-6266 F 80/3/10/5 CFP Business owners
Randy Thurman Oklahoma City 405-942-8993 F and C 32/0/3/0 MBA, CPA, CFP Charitable giving
Marilyn Bergen Portland1 503-227-5284 F 31/0/5/0 CFP Comprehensive planning
Dirk Edwards Portland1 503-222-4708 F 200/20/75/20 JD, CPA, PFS New wealth
Roy Diliberto Philadelphia 215-557-3800 F 50/2/15/0 CLU, ChFC, CFP Portfolio management
Roger Gibson Pittsburgh1 412-369-9925 F 300/8/27/0 CFA, CFP Portfolio management
James Hohman Pittsburgh 412-367-3880 F and F-O 250/2/10/0 CFP Portfolio management
Peter Hoover Berwyn 610-296-3393 F and C 100/1/5/0 CFP Comprehensive planning
Dorothy Lebeau Rydal 215-572-7414 F 94/4/16/0 MBA, CFP Retirement and estate planning
George Luciani Yardley 215-579-5760 F 30/1/8/1 CFP Portfolio management
Howard Rothwell Media1 610-892-9922 F 60/3/13/0 MBA Young executives, two-career couples
Thomas Smedile Media 610-892-9922 F 35/3/15/0 CPA Estate and retirement planning
Louis Stanasolovich Pittsburgh 412-635-9210 F 100/0/7/0 CFP Physicians
Mark Williams Meadville 814-336-1512 F 80/6/30/6 CPA, PFS Business transitions
Malcolm Makin Westerly1 401-596-2800 F and C 75/1/8/0 CFP Portfolio management
Donald Sowa East Providence 401-434-8090 F-O 140/0/5/0 CFP Comprehensive planning
Cheryl Holland Columbia 803-799-9203 F 130/2/15/0 CFP Portfolio management, insurance planning
Kyra Hollowell Morris Mount Pleasant1 803-884-6192 F 270/0/25/0 CFP Comprehensive planning, business owners
Bill Prewitt Charleston 803-681-5350 F 26/0/7/0 MFP, CFP Portfolio management
John Williamson Columbia 803-254-0029 F 40/0/8/0 JD, CFP Comprehensive planning
James Wilson Columbia 803-799-9203 F 100/4/9/5 CFP Physicians, wealthy heirs, business owners
Lori Dodson Nashville 615-242-3808 F 30/2/8/0 MBA, CPA, PFS, CFP Comprehensive planning, portfolio management
Howard Safer Nashville1 615-748-9633 F 200/0/NA/0 MBA, CPA, PFS Portfolio management
Clark Blackman II Houston 713-654-4100 F NA/NA/NA/NA PFS, CFP Comprehensive planning
Michael Booker Houston 713-623-6600 F 40/3/18/0 ChFC, CFP Portfolio management
Janet Briaud Bryan 409-260-9771 F 100/2/10/2 CFP Retirement distributions, professors
Bill Carter Dallas1 214-363-4200 F and C 250/1/13/0 CFP Comprehensive planning, portfolio management
David Diesslin Fort Worth 817-332-6122 F 280/1/20/0 MBA, CFP Comprehensive planning, charitable planning
Steven Estrin Houston1 713-260-1430 F 250/3/20/3 MBA Comprehensive planning
William Goldberg Houston 713-221-0143 F 2,000/10/50/10 JD, CPA, PFS, CFP Wealthy individuals
William Green Houston 713-869-1144 F 25/0/5/0 CPA, CFP Portfolio management, divorce settlements
Mark Griege Dallas1 214-392-9366 F 300/2/25/5 JD, CPA, CFP Professional athletes
John Hixson Austin1 512-329-5174 F 30/NA/4/0 CFP Portfolio management
Steven Kanaly Houston 713-626-9483 F 2,500/10/40/5 CFP Portfolio management, charitable trusts
Barbara Raasch Dallas 214-969-8219 F 500/1/10/0 CPA, PFS Comprehensive planning
George Strickland Houston 713-623-6696 F or C 90/3/25/0 CFP Comprehensive planning, portfolio management
Carol Warley Houston 713-221-0180 F 200/5/25/5 CPA, PFS Comprehensive planning
Carol Wilson Salt Lake City 801-355-5210 F 67/2/12/0 CFP Comprehensive planning, divorce, insurance
James Bruyette McLean1 703-734-9321 F 300/5/20/0 CPA, CFP Portfolio management
Glen Buco Annandale1 703-354-1661 F 70/1/10/0 CFP Portfolio management, estate planning
Elissa Buie Falls Church 703-538-2116 F and C 25/0/9/0 MBA, CFP Comprehensive planning
Lynn Hopewell Fairfax1 703-968-3002 F 404/24/NA/54 MBA, CFP Portfolio management, retirement planning
Andrew Hudick Roanoke 540-342-7102 F 82/0/6/0 CFP Comprehensive planning, business owners
Gregory Sullivan McLean1 703-734-9322 F 300/5/20/0 CPA, PFS, CFP Portfolio management, professionals
Kaycee Krysty Seattle 206-343-8900 F 750/11/70/5 CPA, PFS, CFP Sales of businesses
Mary Merrill Madison 608-255-5469 F 46/0/10/0 MBA, CFP Comprehensive planning, professionals
Connie Brezik Casper 307-234-3535 F 450/1/NA/0 CPA, PFS Comprehensive planning